Groom Shoots are the Next Big Thing!

St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, TX

That’s right, you heard it here first. Times are changing folks and the grooms are coming for the limelight! Groom photoshoots are starting to become more and more popular as we explore this phenomenal era of wedding fashion.

The brides have always been at the top of the game with their tasteful bridal shoots, cinema -inspired make up looks and unbeatable hair do’s. However, I’m starting to notice our grooms are starting to step into the light too. Grooms are presenting themselves in a totally different way than ever before. From designer socks to custom made cufflinks, to personalized Ray Bands, the grooms are not here to play!

Gone are the days of the grooms getting 3-5 photos taken on their wedding days to be included in there 700 + image wedding album. The grooms want to be seen in a whole new light, and oh boy are they going for it.

These grooms want that magazine feature too! They want portraits on the wall too! They want those emotive, to die for images too! And I have got to say.. I AM ALL FOR IT! Bring on the grooms who want to show me that runway look. Let me see the power couple who will go head-to-head in true vogue fashion. I love the creative art this industry is bringing to the table, and I am ready to see these grooms turn heads.

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